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Enable enrichment of the whole exome or customer regions of interest in a single test tube. Built upon an optimized design algorithm, SeqCap EZ Library sets a new standard for a single-step enrichment method.

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SeqCap EZ Exome Library v2.0: Target enrichment of the whole human exome with more than two million empirically rebalanced DNA probes for highly optimized performance

SeqCap EZ Choice Library: Target enrichment of the human genome for your regions of interest

SeqCap EZ Developer: Target enrichment of customer regions of interest for any genome

Automated Capture: Accelerate your high-throughput sequencing sample preparation by combining NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Library with the Caliper Sciclone NGS Workstation

Discover More with SeqCap EZ Products

Tailor your laboratory's next-gen sequencing by capturing your region of interest for virtually any organism with NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Library. Whatever your target region of interest, insist on solution-based NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Library and its optimized design to discover more relevant variants.

Table 1: SeqCap EZ Library products.

Product Species Custom Capture? Target Capture Size
SeqCap EZ Human Exome v2.0 Human No 44MB
SeqCap EZ Choice Human Yes 100kb to 7MB
SeqCap EZ Choice XL Human Yes 7MB to 50MB
SeqCap EZ Developer Non-Human (see Table 2) Yes up to 50MB

Table 2: A sampling of the genomes that researchers are investigating with SeqCap EZ Developer.

Mammals Plants
Mouse (mus spp.)
Cow (bos primigenius)
Dog (canis lupus)
Macaque (Macaca spp.)
Horse (Equus spp.)
Panda Bear (Ailuropoda spp.)
Maize (Zea spp.)
Soy (Glycine max)
Wheat (Triticum spp.)
Cotton (Gossypium spp.)
Arabidopsis spp.
White Spruce (Picea glauca)
Yellow Goat's-beard (Tragopogon spp)

Discover More, Sequence Less

Choose the NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Exome Library with more than two million empirically rebalanced DNA probes for highly optimized performance.

Minimize sequencing cost, maximize results

  • Achieve uniform coverage across the exome to sequence more exomes per lane with up to eight exomes in a single lane!

Focus on what matters

  • Cover more than 98% of RefSeq coding regions with an extremely efficient 44 Mb capture target.

Capture and sequence more difficult exons

  • High density tiling and empirical rebalancing significantly improve coverage for high GC regions, such as first exons.

Figure 1

Figure 1. Comparison of SeqCap EZ Human Exome Library v2.0 and Company A kit. The same Illumina PE library from HapMap sample NA12878 was used for both exome enrichment technologies, and each enriched DNA sample was sequenced with one HiSeq lane. SeqCap EZ Exome outperforms Company A based on number of raw sequences needed to achieve greater than 8X coverage for 90% of RefSeq coding regions. Only 4 Gb sequencing is needed for SeqCap EZ Exome, compared to 8 Gb for Company A exome capture.

Discover More Sequencing Throughput

Advance your next-gen sequencing pipeline with a robust automated target enrichment solution. Accelerate your high-throughput sequencing sample preparation by combining NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Library, with the Caliper Sciclone NGS Workstation.

  • Sequence more samples per lane with the optimized performance of SeqCap EZ library
  • Process 96 captures in parallel, up to 288 captures per week
  • Maximize reproducibility with an automated workflow
  • Minimize contamination in a fully enclosed bench-top system
NimbleGen SeqCap EZ Protocol Automated Target Enrichment Solution

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